Magnetic Organizations: Employee recruitment, retention and loyalty are always key leadership and management issues. In this article, a version of which was published in Employee Relations Bulletin, Michael describes "magnetic" organizations that people love to join and hate to leave.

Futures Thinking by Middle Management: A Neglected Necessity: In this article, which was recently published in Systems Research and Behavioral Science, Michael weaves together two themes of great interest to him: How to use the future as a way to bring about organizational change and the importance of integrating the ranks of middle managers to bring about cross functional collaboration.

Mature Workers: This article, co-authored with Barry Dym and Elaine Millam, lays out a strategy for taking full advantage of the competencies and experience of older workers. It has the distinction of having been selected for inclusion in Prentice Hall's Training and Development Yearbook and having also been published in The Systems Thinker.

Leadership: An Overview: A set of slides that summarize the distinction between leadership and management.

Leadership References: An annotated bibliography of a range of leadership studies

The System Power Move: An article that uses case examples to explore the difference between the use of power for selfish purposes and skillful politics that changes both the way a system works while increasing the influence of the instigator of change.

Concepts For Collaboration: This article (co-authored with Bill Joiner) reflects some of his learnings about having collaborative conversations on challenging issues. It is based on a number of years of close association with Chris Argyris and Don Schon and their ideas.

Generating Revenue During Downtime: This is a thought piece for entrepreneurial, self-employed people. Everyone who works for him or herself has periods of slow or negative cash flow. This article suggests some strategies to employ during those times.

RetroHouse: Michael is looking for partners to develop this idea. RetroHouse© would combine the communitarianism of the 60s with the technological savviness of the 21st century. This thought piece fleshes out what such an institution might look like.

Eyewitness To Power: This review of David Gergen's Eyewitness to Power demonstrates the great importance of rhetoric to any leader. (One of New Context's affiliates, Bob Dickman, specializes in helping organizational leaders tell their unique story).

Evolution And Management: This book review explores the relevance of what scientists have learned about primate behavior to the practice of management.

The Flow Of Strategic Planning: This is a brief overview of strategic planning activities that starts with the importance of thinking about the "big picture" and ends with the idea that strategic planning is a dynamic process that should lead to continuous organizational improvement.

Conformity, Conflict, and Creativity: This note describes a workshop designed to explore the degree to which an organization tolerates creative differences. Fostering distinctiveness in mentality is a key leadership behavior in the New Context model as is moderating extremism.

Redundant Communication Channels: A brief thought piece on some of the vehicles that an organization has available to communicate its messages both externally and internally.