Amy Oberg

Amy Oberg is a strategist, futurist and competitive analyst who specializes in helping organizations better understand the emerging competitive environment and respond with effective, proactive strategies. With over 23 years of cumulative experience in competitive, organizational, management, and market analyses, her insights regarding emerging trends, threats and opportunities, competitor activities, market conditions, and new technologies have been sought out by organizations in a wide variety of industries including aerospace, energy, telecommunications, transportation, consumer goods, real estate and finance. Most recently, Ms. Oberg has applied her knowledge and skills to assist organizations such as NASA, Enron, Dynegy, Kimberly Clark, Conoco, MCI, Solectron, United Nations, DARPA, the State of Minnesota, and the City of Kaoshuing (Taiwan).

As a futurist and strategist, Ms. Oberg provides clients with the information and tools they need to better understand and prepare for the future. Clients look to her for information and insights on emerging trends in technology, economics, politics, society, demographics and the environment - areas that interact to shape their future. Clients also look to her for instruction in "futures analysis" and "futures tools" they can use to bring the future into view and develop strategies to ensure future success.

As a competitive intelligence (CI) professional, Ms. Oberg provides clients with insights and intelligence regarding the current and future competitive environment; and she can design and set up an in house CI operation for the client as well. With training in war gaming, benchmarking, cross competitor analysis, competitive blindspots, forensic intelligence, strategic analysis, early warning system design and development, decision maker profiling, and investigative research methodologies, her knowledge and skills in CI ensure that her clients receive valuable insights. Combining this knowledge with her understanding of the future enables Ms Oberg deliver insights that are not only valuable to her clients' immediate concerns, but to their future as well.

Ms. Oberg holds a Master of Science degree in Studies of the Future and a Bachelors degree in Communications. In addition, she has completed the Program for Managers at Rice University's Jones Graduate School of Management and formal CI training at the Academy of Competitive Intelligence.

Ms Oberg is the creator of the radio program Speaking of the Future; co-chair of the Boston chapter of Women in Networking; and a member of The World Future Society and Mass Women In Technology. She has served on national and local steering committees and boards for the World Future Society and the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals. Ms Oberg is a sought after keynote speaker and lecturer, speaking on topics such as the future of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, global trends and issues, emerging technologies, and changing social trends. She is currently researching the relationship between corporate citizenry and ethics and the future of business.